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Publications originales

Articles originaux
Bonnefoi H
, Zaman K, Debled M, Fiche M, Fournier M, Nobahar M, Pierga JY, Koch KM, Bartlett J, Zimmer A, Marreaud S, Bogaerts J, Cameron D. An European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer phase I study of lapatinib and docetaxel as neoadjuvant treatment for Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER2) positive locally-advanced/inflammatory or large operable breast cancer. Eur J Cancer 2012 ; doi: 10.1016/j. ejca.2012.08.006. Epub 2012 Sep 18 : (IF : 5.536, SIGAPS : B).

Rouault A, Banneau G, MacGrogan G, Jones N, Elarouci N, Barouk-Simonet E, Venat L, Coupier I, Letouze E, de Reynies A, Bonnet F, Iggo R, Sévenet N, Longy M. Deletion of chromosomes 13q and 14q is a common feature of tumors with BRCA2 mutations. PLoS One 2012 ; 7 : e52079 ; doi: 10.1371/journal. pone.0052079 (IF : 4.092, SIGAPS : B)

Arnould L, Roger P, MacGrogan G, Chenard MP, Balaton A, Beauclair S, Penault-Llorca F, on behalf of CRITHER participant pathologists. Accuracy of HER2 status determination on breast core-needle biopsies (immunohistochemistry, FISH, CISH and SISH vs FISH). Mod Pathol 2012 ; 25 : 675-82 (IF : 4.792, SIGAPS : A).

Bonnet F, Guedj M, Jones N, Sfar S, Brouste V, Elarouci N, Banneau G, Orsetti B, Primois C, Tunon de Lara C, Debled M, de Mascarel I, Theillet C, Sévenet N, de Reynies A, MacGrogan G, Longy M. An array CGH based genomic instability index (G2I) is predictive of clinical outcome in breast cancer and reveals a subset of tumors without lymph node involvement but with poor prognosis. BMC Med Genomics 2012 ; 5 : 54 (IF : 3.693, SIGAPS : C).

Duprez R, Wilkerson PM, Lacroix-Triki M, Lambros MB, Mackay A, Hern RA, Gauthier A, Pawar V, Colombo PE, Daley F, Natrajan R, Ward E, MacGrogan G, Arbion F, Michenet P, Weigelt B, Vincent- Salomon A, Reis-Filho JS. Immunophenotypic and genomic characterization of papillary carcinomas of the breast. J Pathol 2012 ; 226 : 427-41 (IF : 6.318, SIGAPS : A).

Guedj M, Marisa L, de Reynies A, Orsetti B, Schiappa R, Bibeau F, MacGrogan G, Lerebours F, Finetti P, Longy M, Bertheau P, Bertrand F, Bonnet F, Martin AL, Feugeas JP, Bièche I, Lehmann- Che J, Lidereau R, Birnbaum D, Bertucci F, de Thé H, Theillet C. A refined molecular taxonomy of breast cancer. Oncogene 2012 ; 1196-206 (IF : 6.373, SIGAPS : B).

Emile JF, Brahimi S, Coindre JM, Bringuier PP, Monges G, Samb P, Doucet L, Hostein I, Landi B, Buisine MP, Neuville A, Bouche O, Cervera P, Pretet JL, Tisserand J, Gauthier A, Le Cesne A, Sabourin JC, Scoazec JY, Bonvalot S, Corless CL, Heinrich MC, Blay JY, Aegerter P. Frequencies of KIT and PDGFRA mutations in the MolecGIST prospective populationbased study differ from those of advanced GISTs. Med Oncol 2012 ; 29 : 1765-72 (IF : 2.140, SIGAPS : D).

Gibault L, Ferreira C, Pérot G, Audebourg A, Chibon F, Bonnin S, Lagarde P, Vacher-Lavenu MC, Terrier P, Coindre JMAurias A. From PTEN loss of expression to RICTOR role in smooth muscle differentiation: complex involvement of the mTOR pathway in leiomyosarcomas and pleomorphic sarcomas. Mod Pathol 2012 ; 25 : 197-211 (IF : 4.792, SIGAPS : A).

Italiano A, Chen CL, Thomas R, Breen M, Bonnet F, Sévenet N, Longy M, Maki RG, Coindre JM, Antonescu CR. Alterations of the p53 and PIK3CA/AKT/mTOR pathways in angiosarcomas: a pattern distinct from other sarcomas with complex genomics. Cancer 2012 ; 118 : 5878-87 (IF : 4.771, SIGAPS : B).

Italiano A, Sung YS, Zhang L, Singer S, Maki RG, Coindre JM, Antonescu CR. High prevalence of CIC fusion with double-homeobox (DUX4) transcription factors in EWSR1-negative undifferentiated small blue round cell sarcomas. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2012 ; 51 : 207-18 (IF : 3.306, SIGAPS : C).

Italiano A, Thomas R, Breen M, Zhang L, Crago AM, Singer S, Khanin R, Maki RG, Mihailovic A, Hafner M, Tuschl T, Antonescu CR. The miR- 17-92 cluster and its target THBS1 are differentially expressed in angiosarcomas dependent on MYC amplification. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2012 ; 51 : 569-78 (IF : 3.306, SIGAPS : C).

Lagarde P, Pérot G, Kauffmann A, Brulard C, Dapremont V, Hostein I, Neuville A, Wozniak A, Sciot R, Schöffski P, Aurias A, Coindre JM, Debiec-Rychter M, Chibon F. Mitotic checkpoints and chromosome instability are strong predictors of clinical outcome in gastrointestinal stromal tumors. Clin Cancer Res 2012 ; 18 : 826-38 (IF : 7.742, SIGAPS : A).

Le Guellec S, Soubeyran I, Rochaix P, Filleron T, Neuville A, Hostein I, Coindre JM. CTNNB1 mutation analysis is a useful tool for the diagnosis of desmoid tumors: a study of 260 desmoid tumors and 191 potential morphologic mimics. Mod Pathol 2012 ; 25 : 1551-8 (IF : 4.792, SIGAPS : A).

Pedeutour F, Maire G, Pierron A, Thomas DM, Garsed DW, Bianchini L, Duranton-Tanneur V, Cortes-Maurel A, Italiano A, Squire JA, Coindre JM. A newly characterized human well-differentiated liposarcoma cell line contains amplifications of the 12q12-21 and 10p11-14 regions. Virchows Arch 2012 ; 461 : 67-78 (IF : 2.491, SIGAPS : C).

Pérot G, Croce S, Ribeiro A, Lagarde P, Velasco V, Neuville A, Coindre JM, Stoeckle E, Floquet A, MacGrogan G, Chibon F. MED12 alterations in both human benign and malignant uterine soft tissue tumors. PLoS One 2012 ; 7 : e40015 (IF : 4.092, SIGAPS : B).

Pierron G, Tirode F, Lucchesi C, Reynaud S, Ballet S, Cohen-Gogo S, Perrin V, Coindre JM, Delattre O. A new subtype of bone sarcoma defined by BCOR-CCNB3 gene fusion. Nat Genet 2012 ; 44 : 461-6 (IF : 35.532, SIGAPS : A).

Quattrone A, Dewaele B, Wozniak A, Bauters M, Vanspauwen V, Floris G, Schöffski P, Chibon F, Coindre JM, Sciot R, Biec- Rychter M. Promoting role of cholecystokinin 2 receptor (CCK2R) in gastrointestinal stromal tumour pathogenesis. J Pathol 2012 ; doi: 10.1002/path.4071 [Epub ahead of print] (IF : 6.318, SIGAPS : A).

Ray-Coquard I, Blay JY, Italiano A, Le Cesne A, Penel N, Zhi J, Heil F, Rueger R, Graves B, Ding M, Geho D, Miiddleton SA, Vassilev LT, Nichols GL, Bui BN. Effect of the MDM2 antagonist RG7112 on the P53 pathway in patients with MDM2-amplified, well-differentiated or dedifferentiated liposarcoma: an exploratory proof-of-mechanism study. Lancet Oncol 2012 ; 13 : 1133-40 (IF : 22.589, SIGAPS : A).

Auzanneau C, Montaudon D, Jacquet R, Puyo S, Pouysegu L, Deffieux D, Elkaoukabi-Chaibi A, De Giorgi F, Ichas F, Quideau S, Pourquier P. The polyphenolic ellagitannin vescalagin acts as a preferential catalytic inhibitor of the alpha isoform of human DNA topoisomerase II. Mol Pharmacol 2012 ; 82 : 134-41 (IF : 4.883, SIGAPS : A).

Bounaama A, Djerdjouri B, Laroche-Clary A, Le Morvan V, Robert J. Short curcumin treatment modulates oxidative stress, arginase activity, aberrant crypt foci, and TGF-beta1 and HES-1 transcripts in 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-colon carcinogenesis in mice. Toxicology 2012 ; 302 : 308-17 (IF : 3.681, SIGAPS : B).

Chodoeva A, Bosc JJ, Guillon J, Costet P, Decendit A, Mérillon JM, Léger JM, Jarry C, Robert J. Hemisynthesis and antiproliferative properties of mono-[O-(14-benzoylaconine-8-yl)]esters and bis- [O-(14-benzoylaconine-8-yl)]esters. Eur J Med Chem 2012 ; 54 : 343-51 (IF : 3.346, SIGAPS : B).

Clarion L, Schindler M, De Weille J, Lolmède K, Laroche-Clary A, Uro-Coste E, Robert J, Mersel M, Bakalara N. 7beta-Hydroxycholesterolinduced energy stress leads to sequential opposing signaling responses and to death of C6 glioblastoma cells. Biochem Pharmacol 2012 ; 83 : 37-46 (IF : 4.705, SIGAPS : B).

Colombat P, Brousse N, Salles G, Morschhauser F, Brice P, Soubeyran P, Delwail V, Deconinck E, Haioun C, Foussard C, Sebban C, Tilly H, Thieblemont C, Bergougnoux L, Lazreg F, Solal-Celigny P. Rituximab induction immunotherapy for first-line low-tumor-burden follicular lymphoma: survival analyses with 7-year follow-up. Ann Oncol 2012 ; 23 : 2380-5 (IF : 6.425, SIGAPS : A).

Dellai A, Deghrigue M, Laroche-Clary A, Masour HB, Chouchane N, Robert J, Bouraoui A. Evaluation of antiproliferative and antiinflammatory activities of methanol extract and its fractions from the Mediterranean sponge. Cancer Cell Int 2012 ; 12 : 18 (IF : 1.973, SIGAPS : D).

Drullion C, Tregoat C, Lagarde V, Tan S, Gioia R, Priault M, Djavaheri-Mergny M, Brisson A, Auberger P, Mahon FX, Pasquet JM. Apoptosis and autophagy have opposite roles on imatinib-induced K562 leukemia cell senescence. Cell Death Dis 2012 ; 3 : e373 (IF : 5.333, SIGAPS : B).

Dupuis J, Berriolo-Riedinger A, Julian A, Brice P, Tychyj-Pinel C, Tilly H, Mounier N, Gallamini A, Feugier P, Soubeyran P, Colombat P, Laurent G, Berenger N, Casasnovas RO, Vera P, Paone G, Xerri L, Salles G, Haioun C, Meignan M. Impact of 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography response evaluation in patients with high-tumor burden follicular lymphoma treated with immunochemotherapy: a prospective study from the Groupe d’Etudes des Lymphomes de l’Adulte and GOELAMS. J Clin Oncol 2012 ; 30 : 4317-22 (IF : 18.372, SIGAPS : A).

Ghesquières H, Cartron G, Seymour JF, Delfau-Larue MH, Offner F, Soubeyran P, Perrot A, Brice P, Bouabdallah R, Sonnet A, Dupuis J, Casasnovas O, Catalano JV, Delmer A, Verney A, Dartigues P. Clinical outcome of follicular lymphoma patients receiving chemoimmunotherapy in the PRIMA study are not affected by FCGR3A and FCGR2A polymorphisms. Blood 2012 ; 120 : 2650-7 (IF : 9.898, SIGAPS : A).

Gonzales-Aguilar A, Idbaih A, Boisselier B, Habbita N, Rossetto M, Laurenge A, Bruno A, Jouvet A, Polivka M, Adam C, Figarella- Branger D, Miquel C, Vital A, Ghesquières H, Gressin R, Delwail V, Taillandier L, Chinot O, Soubeyran P, Gyan E, Choquet S, Houillier C, Soussain C, Tanguy ML, Marie Y, Mokhtari K, Hoang- Xuan K. Recurrent mutations of MYD88 and TBL1XR1 in primary central nervous system lymphomas. Clin Cancer Res 2012 ; 18 : 5203-11 (IF : 7.712, SIGAPS : A).

Klionsky DJ, Abdalla FC, Abeliovich H, Abraham RT, Acevedo- Arozena A, Adeli K, et al. (Djavaheri-Mergny M, co-auteur). Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy. Autophagy 2012 ; 8 : 445-544 (IF : 7.453, SIGAPS : B).

Lapeyrere N, Mathoulin-Pélissier S, Merlio JP, Rullier A, Belleannée G, Lebail B, Hostein I, Soubeyran I, et le Groupe des Anatomopathologistes Aquitains. Prise en charge d’une analyse KRAS : processus et délais. Ann Pathol 2012 ; 32 : 81-90 (IF : 0.247, SIGAPS : E).

Laroche-Clary A, Kauffmann A, Smith D, Laurand-Quancard A, Evrard S, Brunet R, Le Morvan V, Robert J. Absence of transcriptomic signature of response to chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal carcinoma patients. Pharmacogenomics 2012 ; 13 : 497-504 (IF : 3.974, SIGAPS : B).

Marino ML, Pellegrini P, Di Lernia G, Djavaheri-Mergny M, Brnjic S, Zhang X, Hagg M, Linder S, Fais S, Codogno P, De Milto A. Autophagy is a protective mechanism for human melanoma cells under acidic stress. J Biol Chem 2012 ; 287 : 30664-76 (IF : 4.773, SIGAPS : B).

Mhadhebi L, Dellai A, Laroche-Clary A, Ben Said R, Robert J, Bouraoui A. Anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative activities of organic fractions from the Mediterranean brown seaweed, Cystoseira compressa. Drug Develop Res 2012 ; 73 : 82-9 (IF : 1.193, SIGAPS : E).

Moisan F, Laroche-Clary A, Auzanneau C, Ricard N, Pourquier P, Robert J, Le Morvan V. Deciphering the role of the ERCC2 gene polymorphism on anticancer drug sensitivity. Carcinogenesis 2012 ; 33 : 962-8 (IF : 5.702, SIGAPS : B).

Pédeboscq S, Rey C, Petit M, Harpey C, De Giorgi F, Ichas F, Lartigue L. Non-antioxidant properties of alpha-tocopherol reduce the anticancer activity of several protein kinase inhibitors in vitro. PLoS One 2012 ; 7 : e36811 (IF : 4.092, SIGAPS : B).

Puyo S, Houédé N, Kauffmann A, Richaud P, Robert J, Pourquier P. Gene expression signature predicting high-grade prostate cancer responses to oxaliplatin. Mol Pharmacol 2012 ; 82 : 1205-16 (IF : 4.883, SIGAPS : A).

Soubeyran P, Fonck M, Blanc-Bisson C, Blanc JF, Ceccaldi J, Mertens C, Imbert Y, Cany L, Vogt L, Dauba J, Palis R, Andriamampionona F, Houédé N, Floquet A, Chomy F, Brouste V, Ravaud A, Bellera C, Rainfray M. Predictors of early death risk in older patients treated by first-line chemotherapy for cancer. J Clin Oncol 2012 ; 30 : 1829-34 (IF : 18.372, SIGAPS : A).

Zinzani PL, Khuageva NK, Wang H, Garikochea B, Walewski J, van Hoof A, Soubeyran P, Caballero D, Buckstein R, Esseltine DL, Theocharous P, Enny C, Zhu E, Elsayed YA, Coiffier B. Bortezomib plus rituximab versus rituximab alone in patients with highrisk, relapsed, rituximab-naïve or rituximab-sensitive follicular lymphoma: subgroup analysis of a phase 3, randomized controlled trial. J Hematol Oncol 2012 ; 5 : 67 ; doi: 10.1186/1756-8722-5-67. (IF : 3.99, SIGAPS : C).

Éditoriaux - Analyses
Bonnefoi H, MacGrogan G. Endocrine-responsive breast cancer special types: who cares? Ann Oncol 2012 ; 23 : 1375-7 (IF : 6.425, SIGAPS : A).

Robert J. La voie des chimiokines. Encart "Pour le clinicien". VEGF Actu 2012 ; n° 28 : 13.

Revues générales
De Cremoux P, Robert J. Signalisation cellulaire et cancer : caractérisation de cibles thérapeutiques. Pathol Biol (Paris) 2012 ; 60 : 217-22 (IF : 1.528, SIGAPS : D).

Penna A, Khadra N, Tauzin S, Vacher P, Legembre P. The CD95 signaling pathway: to not die and fly. Commun Integr Biol 2012 ; 5 : 190-2.

Robert J, Levy B. Hypoxie et facteur induit par l’hypoxie dans les contextes tumoraux et non tumoraux. VEGF Actu 2012 ; n° 27 : 10-5.

Conférences sur invitation - Nationales
Djavaheri-Mergny M
. Régulation de l’autophagie au cours de la différentiation des cellules leucémiques. Club Francophone d’Autophagie. La Grande Motte, septembre 2012.

Robert J, Marty M. Traitement médical des cancers : la fin du commencement. Séminaire de sensibilisation des scientifiques fondamentalistes à la réalité épidémiologique et clinique du cancer : "Les cancers en 2012 : Tout ce qu’un chercheur ne devrait pas ignorer". Paris, 22 novembre 2012.

Robert J. Biologie des métastases : pistes thérapeutiques. Présentation au symposium de la Société Française de Chirurgie Oncologique. Eurocancer 2012 : "Le chirurgien et la maladie métastatique". Paris, 19 juin 2012.

Robert J. GWAS vs. Gene-candidat : est-ce encore d’actualité ? 14es Journées du Groupe de pharmacologie clinique oncologique : "Innovations et ruptures technologiques en oncologie". Paris, 15- 16 novembre 2012.

Robert J. How to characterize pathways prone to synthetic lethality. Présentation à la Journée Recherche, Eurocancer 2012 : "Advances in basic oncology and applications to patient management in 2012". Paris, 20 juin 2012.

Robert J. Pharmacologie anticancéreuse in silico : utilisation des bases de données pour découvrir de nouvelles cibles. Colloque du Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques de Marseille : "Défis actuels des mathématiques en médecine et biologie du cancer : modélisation et analyse mathématique". Marseille, 19- 23 mars 2012.

Conférences sur invitation - Internationales

Iggo R. TOX3, a new breast cancer predisposition gene. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Lausanne, November 12-16, 2012.

Peters GJ, Ciccolini J, Jodrell D, Robert J, Larsen AK, Zaffaroni D, Chatelut E, EORTC-PAMM Group. The role of PAMM in personalized treatment: how to use pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenetics? 32nd Winter annual meeting of the Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanisms Group of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer. Tenerife, 26- 28 janvier 2012.

Pourquier P. DNA-Pkcs-Topoisomerase I interaction as a target for the potentiation of camptothecins. Enzymes and Biocatalysis Meeting: "Design Robust Enzymes in a New Era". Xi’an (China), April 25-28, 2012.


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